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Anecdotal evidence suggests that a handful of neighborhoods experience the majority of uncappings. One DEP spokesman stated that the "neighborhoods with the most frequently opened hydrants have traditionally been, and still are, Washington Heights, the South Bronx and South Jamaica."18

In 2007 the DEP launched programs to educate residents on the impact of opening hydrants. The programs focused on neighborhoods with historically high rates of hydrant abuse: Manhattan Community Board 12 (Washington Heights, Inwood), Bronx Community Board 4 (Mt. Eden, Highbridge, Concourse Village, Concourse) and Bronx Community Board 5 (Fordham, Bathgate, Morris Heights, University Heights, Mt Hope).

In 2006, the Times reported that a single hydrant on 157th was opened and closed fourteen times on the same day, July 21st.19 Based on this information, nyc:uncapped locates its study in the district in which the infamous hydrant resides, Community District 12.

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