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One hot afternoon in August (8.04.07), a general survey of District 12 found numerous uncappings in all stages — on city blocks close to the Highbridge Park pool at 173rd Street and not surprisingly on blocks farthest from the 173rd Street pool. Some hydrants were opened with a spray cap, others were completely uncapped. Hydrants in full flow fostered a block party atmosphere; residents brought chairs from their homes to enjoy the activity. Other hydrants had been abandoned but continued to flow freely.

Some passers–by dabbed the cool hydrant water on their necks or foreheads. Block denizens sat nearby enjoying the psychological cooling of the spray, as if at a park fountain. Industrious men washed cars. Young men and teens forced heavy spray onto friends or passing vans. And residents of all ages soaked themselves in the ice–cold water. One child said: "It’s clean, it’s like a waterfall."

  • 1. 213th Street (btw Broadway + 10th Ave)
  • 2. 212th Street (btw Broadway + 10th Ave)
  • 3. 206th Street (btw 9th and 10th Ave)
  • 4. & 5. Post Street (btw Academy + 204th St)
  • 6. Vermilyea Street (at 207th Street)
  • 7. Vermilyea Street (btw 204th St + 207th St)
  • 8. 211th Street (btw Broadway + 10th Ave)
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